Area X Adult Rider Happy Hour will be hosted by Desert Sport Horse on Friday Evening following the briefing at 5pm.  Look for the party around Alice's trailer!  Have fun and best of luck to everyone!


 What's New!!!!

Extensive changes are being made to the course country courses including new gallop paths and jumps.  

We have made the decision to use our resources to improve the lower levels first to make a significant impact in these areas.  

Also we have added an Introductory Derby with a maximum of 18'' Cross Country jumps.  This division is meant as an introduction to the sport and is intended for riders who have not competed before.

For this event, we are changing Preliminary level  to P/T until next year.  

Entries can be made through XEntries or by mail to our secretary, Melissa Mignon 


- HOTELS -  
**Hotel rooms will be booked up by the Salt River Project which starts a 3 to 4 week installation at the end of March.**
**If you need a room - make your reservations very early**

     Call the campground host, Kay McDevitt for camping reservations
and prices.  Kay can be reached at  928-245-1400.  You can make
arrangements for tent camping and trailer hook-ups with Kay.

     Stall assignments and extra shavings orders can be made through
the Show Secretary, Melissa Mignon

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Good Fun, Good Courses!